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What we take

If you’re not sure if your furniture can be used by us then fill out the form and attach a couple of images. We’ll get right back to you to let you know if your furniture can help us make a difference!

Conditions of items:

Remember, we only accept good quality furniture with no major damage! Check our quality guidelines below if you are unsure:

  • Excellent quality - Furniture that you would expect to pay full retail price for
  • Very good - Furniture you would expect to see with a 10% discount (due to slight damages)
  • Good - Furniture that is in normal working order, with some signs of casual wear but no obvious defects
What should if I think my furniture is not in the right condition?

Bottom line - a charity shop would need to be able to sell this and make money. If your items aren't in this condition, then you can use our Bulky Waste partner site.

All upholstered items must have a fire safety label attached to each item. The fire label may be on any external surface of the item including underneath removable seating and cushions. Upholstered bed bases and mattresses must also have a fire label sewn in, which refers to BS7177.

Why does the furniture have to be in good condition?

At the Furniture Donation Network, we protect the integrity of the service on behalf of our charity collection partners by asking customers to ensure that all the furniture they donate is in either a ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ condition.

By guaranteeing a good standard of donated furniture, we can make sure that our charity collection partners get the maximum benefit from the items that are donated, rather than having to meet the costs associated with the disposal of broken and damaged goods.

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Furniture Donation Network
Jon donated over 300 pieces of furniture5 Star Review for the Furniture Donation Network
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Furniture Donation Network made sure that we had the best service possible.

Furniture Donation Network
Adrian Dalton donated furniture when moving houseAnother 5 Star Review for the Furniture Donation Network
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I can't recommend Furniture Donation Network enough.

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