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Donate your furniture online with Furniture Donation Network.

How it works

Step One: Book a collection.

Enter your contact details and postcode along with a clear picture of your unwanted furniture. We will then contact you to discuss the most convenient collection date and time.

Step Two: We come and collect it.

Our approved collection partners are the front-line for our benefitting charities and social enterprises. Because many of the items we collect are donated to low-income families, or sold to help fund our social welfare objectives, it’s important that they are kept in the best condition possible.

For this reason, our approved partners collect your donated items directly from inside your home, meaning you don’t have to move them, and they won’t get dirty in the garage!

Step Three: We put your unwanted furniture to good use.

All of your furniture helps! We make sure that we reuse or recycle as much of your donated furniture as possible. If we can’t find a new home for your items, or sell them to help fund our social welfare charity, we will recycle them at one of our queen's award-winning recycling facilities.

If you’re uncertain whether your furniture is reusable or in good enough condition, simply fill out our form and attach an image. We’ll get right back to you and let you know if your furniture can help us make a difference!

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Furniture Donation Network
Jon donated over 300 pieces of furniture5 Star Review for the Furniture Donation Network
5 / 5

Furniture Donation Network made sure that we had the best service possible.

Furniture Donation Network
Adrian Dalton donated furniture when moving houseAnother 5 Star Review for the Furniture Donation Network
5 / 5

I can't recommend Furniture Donation Network enough.

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Furniture Donation Network helps to support the Recycling Lives charity, which fights homelessness and helps the vulnerable by providing life-changing training, work placements and accommodation. You can help us to transform lives forever just by sharing and liking this page!