Spring cleaning with a difference

With Easter fast approaching, it’s high-time for a spring clean!

Over the last few weeks people across the UK have been pulling out their feather dusters and giving their houses a thorough spruce up. With the weather improving, there’s never been a better time to clean out your home and remove any furniture you no longer need - like an unwanted sofa or an unused cabinet. Many people keep spare household items stored away (especially if they’re in very good or excellent condition) in the belief that someday they may be of use. But, in reality, they take up space you don’t have.

Our charity furniture collection makes spring cleaning easy!

Of course, getting rid of your unwanted furniture can be stressful, and there’s no need for it to be disposed of on a landfill site. This is where the Furniture Donation Network comes in.

Set up by Steven Jackson, founder of the Queen’s Award winning Recycling Lives, the Furniture Donation Network is an efficient, ethical service that allows people to donate their very good or excellent condition furniture to a local charity. We take anything from armchairs and dressing tables to ovens and fridges, as long as they are not stained or scratched and that any damage or discolouration they have is minimal.

All it takes is a few clicks using our quick and easy online booking form. Just enter your address, choose which items you want to donate to charity, then pick from a choice of time slots. We or one of our charity collection partners - will come and pick up your items from your home, leaving you to finish off the rest of that spring cleaning!

Many of the items we collect are donated to families on low-incomes, or sold to help sustain the social welfare objectives of local charities. We’ve already been astounded by the amount of donations we’ve had since we began operating in March. We’re proud that so many people across the country are choosing to give their high quality furniture to charity and help people that are from more difficult socio-economic backgrounds.

So, make a difference with your spring cleaning this Easter - click here to book your charity furniture donation or, for more information, take a look at our website.