Helping small charities during Small Charity Week

Monday, June 20th, 2011  

Small Charity Week has officially kicked off today! The week, which will run until Friday, 24th June, is dedicated to the thousands of small charities across the UK that affect positive change and make a huge difference to people’s lives.

It's Small Charity Week from 20th - 24th June!

Special events are being held during the week to both celebrate and offer advice to charities operating in the current fragile economic climate. It is especially important to support the work of these charities in a time when many are struggling to stay afloat - Tuesday’s Big Advice Day and Thursday’s Fundraising Day will be particularly helpful for such organisations. Last year’s big fundraiser - the eBay/Missionfish challenge - raised a massive £15,000 and this year’s treasure hunt is expected to raise an even bigger sum.

Furniture Donation Network will continue to support small charities throughout the week. As a small charity ourselves, we understand the strain of operating at a time when UK households have less disposable income and charity donations are a burden than many people feel unable to carry.

Furniture Donation Network makes it easy to help small charities in your day-to-day life

That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use service that enables anyone –schools, families, individuals and businesses – to donate their very good or excellent condition furniture to charity. The furniture can include items such as sofas, tables and wardrobes - all you need to do is book a collection using Furniture Donation Network’s simple online booking system and we’ll do the rest! You can choose the date and time that is most convenient for you and the items will be collected by the Furniture Donation Network team or by one of our charity collection partners. If the items are confirmed to be in very good or excellent condition, the small fee that was paid upon booking will be refunded and the furniture will be resold – either by us or by a local charity. This means that donating furniture to Furniture Donation Network is not only beneficial for small charities, but also for households that may not be able to afford expensive new furniture. So, you can really make a difference during Small Charity Week!

In addition to being a simple way of donating your furniture to charity, Furniture Donation Network is also a portal for helping small charities. It is part of the Community Dotcom scheme created by Steve Jackson, founder of Queen’s Award-winning commercial recycler and social welfare charity Recycling Lives. A Community Dotcom is an online hub that generates business for small charities and social enterprises.

So remember, donating your very good or excellent quality furniture to Furniture Donation Network is just one of the ways you can help charities during Small Charity Week. For more information on all week’s the events, visit the website – and don’t forget to leave a message on one of the charity balloons celebrating your favourite charity!

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