Furniture Donation Network: a platform for giving

The government’s Giving White Paper has outlined a new national plan to ensure giving is a stronger part of society.
Published at the end of last month, the paper has put forward three priorities with the intent in increasing the currently ‘flat-lined’ charity donations. The priorities are to make giving as easy as possible and compelling as possible, and to give better support to charities and community groups.

Many charities across the country are currently struggling to stay afloat in the wake of a stream of substantial government cuts. This, coupled with the nation’s fragile economy, which has made charitable donations more difficult for individuals, means that charities desperately need assistance in order to continue helping those in need. Statistics show that, even in these tough financial times, people still wish to help charities. However, the Giving White Paper stresses that there still needs to be an increase in giving and suggests that one of the ways to achieve this would be to ensure giving fits in with everyday life.

Book a furniture collection from the comfort of your own home!

Donating your very good or excellent quality furniture to charity has never been simpler

As a service that enables individuals to donate their very good or excellent quality furniture to charity, Furniture Donation Network is the ideal platform for giving. Using our straightforward online booking form, you can book a furniture collection from the comfort of your own home. After you make the booking, all you need to do is put your feet up and let Furniture Donation Network do the rest. The furniture - which can be anything from sofas to wardrobes - is collected on a date that suits you and can be picked up from inside your home.

Our nationwide network of collection partners – comprising charities and social enterprises – will collect the furniture from your home. If the items are confirmed to be in very good or excellent condition, the small fee paid upon booking will be refunded to you in full and the furniture will be taken away to be resold. This not only generates business for local charities but also benefits low-income families that may not be able to afford brand new furniture. So, all it takes is a few clicks to help a charity! This shows that giving really can fit in with the bustle of everyday life.

Furniture Donation Network is part of the Community Dotcom scheme, set up by Recycling Lives founder Steve Jackson. A Community Dotcom is an online portal which creates business for charities across the nation, fusing ethical, charitable solutions with a service that is grounded in strong commercial sense. This innovative scheme directly addresses the problem charities are currently facing and, we feel, would be well worth discussing at the government’s Giving Summit being held in autumn.